10 ways ios 3D touch makes your life easier
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10 ways ios 3D touch makes your life easier

3D touch is a new technology introduced by apple in late 2015 with the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

This technology relies basically on having a pressure sensor in the LCD screen that detects the amount of pressure that is being pushed on the screen.

First when i got my first iPhone with 3D touch i was excited about it and started testing it on every app that I have and surely it has evolved much up until this moment with the iPhone 7 being introduced.


In this article we are going to show you the 10 best methods of using Apple’s 3D touch to make your daily life easier:

1. Using 3D touch for flash light.

I know that this one looks like a rule of thumb, but using 3D touch makes flash light more usable by giving you 3 options of light sharpness to chose from: Bright, Meduim and Low light.

3D touch flash light
2. Using 3D touch to set your timer

If you ever needed to set a quick timer on the go without having to open the clock app and go through all the details all you got to do is slide up the control center and pressure the timer icon and you’ll get 3 choices for timers 1, 5, 20 minutes and 1 hour.

3D touch timer
3. Using calculator.

Have you ever done some calculations and just quit the calculator and needed to check on that number again, with 3D touch you don’t have to open the calculator app again all you got to do is pressure the calculator icon in the control center and you can see the result of yout latest calculatio, it even lets you copy it to clipboard.

3D touch cal
4. You could also use 3D touch with camera app.

Whether you want to use the camera app in the home screen or the camera icon in the control center, you get to choose in which mode you would like to use the camera.

3D touch Camera
5. Using the camera app with the native Mail app.

You could either send an emai or search for emails.

3D touch Mail
6. Using 3D touch with the app store.
In earlier versions of ios we used to have to go to the app store to force update the installed apps, but since the introduction of 3D touch things got alot easier with just having to pressure the app store and hit update all.

3D touch app store


7. Reminders and alarms with 3D touch.

You could also set a new task or a reminder using it on the native reminder app.

You could also set an event with the calendar native app and check the upcoming alarms and events.

Reminders with 3D touch
Calendar with 3D touch
8. Checking the weather with 3D touch.

You could use it to have a quick look at the weather conditions in your area by using the weather native app.

Weather app with 3D touch
9. You could even use it to make a quick phone call.

You may use it to make a quick phone call with one of your favorite contacts or search for contact or creating a new contact.

Phone app with 3D touch
10. You could use it with many third party apps from the app store.

Here where the fun begins, 3D touch isn’t made only for Apple’s native apps, it goes far beyond that, 3D touch could be integrated in any third party app such as facebook, messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, outlook and many other apps that we use ona daily basis.

Facebook with 3D touch
Messenger with 3D touch
Twitter with 3D touch
Instagram with 3D touch
Viber with 3D touch
Snapchat with 3D touch
Whatsapp with 3D touch

So all you got to do is go ahead to your iPhone/iPad and start pressuring all the apps that you use to get the best out of 3D touch technology.