How to allow someone to access your computer remotely {Guide}
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How to allow someone to access your computer remotely {Guide}

Have you ever needed some help in computers and your geek friend was far away traveling or can’t come to your house, were you ever at work and you needed some assitance with your work computer but you don’t want to ask any colleague for assistant rather you prefer calling one of your associates.

Did you ever want your friend to see your screen so he could understand what you are talking about.

Have you ever wished to access your computer or laptop through another computer or mobile phone when you are in a remote location.

In this tutorial we are going to explore the best ways that you can invite some one to access your computer when you want them to, and for you to make sure that they access your computer or laptop under your control with the ability to terminate their connection whenever you want to.

We are going to present some of the most famous programs for remote connection with Windows.


Teamviewer is considered the most famous application for accessing computers remotely, according to Teamvewer’s website, it has been activated on more than 1 billion devices.

You can go ahead and grab your version of Teamviewer from their website on this link:

Or if you have windows 10 just go ahead to the Windows Store and search for Teamviewer.

Installing Teamviewer is rather easy just follow the following step by step guide and you’re all set to go:

1. Open the downloaded Teamviewer app and you’ll be presented with this window

teamviewer setup
2. Under ‘How do you want to proceed’ choose ‘Basic Installation’.

3. Under ‘How do you want to use Teamviewer’ chose ‘Personal / non-commercial use’.

4. Then hit accept and finish, open the app after it finishes installing and you will be presented with this:

Teamviewer Windows

5. Send your ID and Password to your friend and he/she can access your computer remotely.

6. To access your comupter from iphone, android or any other smart phone or computer easily, just sign up on the right side window and install Teamviewer from the app store for iphone/ipad, play store for android or windows store for windows mobiles and sign in with the same email that you signed up with using your computer and you can access your computer from anywhere.


With Ammyy things get a bit easier, all you need to do is head to Ammyy’s website: and download ammyy at your windows computer or laptop and the other side should do the same.

Just follow the following step by step guide and you are good to go:

1.Open the downloaded app named ‘Ammyy.exe’.

2.As a client wanting to allow some one to access your conputer just give them the Your ID or Your IP provided from Ammyy.


3. Confirm the incoming connection from the person you want to access your PC, of course here you can assign permissions, whether you want your friend to have full access of your computer or you just wants him to view and not to control.