Apple is building its own GPU for new iPhones
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Apple is building its own GPU for new iPhones

Apple is going to ditch its main iPhone’s GPU manufacturer “Imagination Technologies” and decides to build them by its self. Supposedly, Apple has already started working on the next iPhone and iPad GPUs.


Following the announcement of Imagination Technologies in a press release earlier today, Apple announced that in new products it no longer want to use the graphics developed by the company. Specifically, a period of 15 months to two years, from which no new Apple devices are to come with the Imagination GPU technology on the market.


As a result, Imagination Technologies not only loses its most important customer but also its most important source of income. Correspondingly. The news also hit the exchange rate of Imagination, which fell by almost 70 per cent after the announcement. The company announced that Apple is legally required to provide detailed evidence for the renouncement of its technologies in the in-house Apple GPU.


Apple justified the end of the collaboration with Imagination Technologies to work on a “separate, independent GPU design”. Since the market for mobile GPUs is served by several well-known suppliers and is divided among them. It is also assumed that this will not be possible without the use of already patented technologies.


Imagination, whose PowerVR GPUs are also used in the system-on-chip designs of other vendors. Hopes therefore now that Apple has left them the company needs to work on more patents to secure further revenues. The fact that Imagination is at all public and reveals that Apple is working on its own GPU, is also likely to always fall short of the maximum secrecy iPhone makers.