Apple is expected to present a significant update to Siri at the upcoming WWDC17

Apple is expected to present a significant update to Siri at the upcoming WWDC17

Techidiomas continues to bring hot and exclusive updates and what Apple will announce and present at its annual WWDC 2017 Developer Conference this June.

In the coming days, we will update you with all the details about what Apple will present at its upcoming annual developer conference. Not long ago, we released news about the FaceTime feature, which is expected to allow multiple user calls with the iOS 11 update. Currently, those who enjoy this feature are iPad tablet users, while it is unclear whether this feature will reach the devices IPhone in the future.

Today we bring you the first details about a major update for the Siri / Siri virtual voice assistant who, according to preliminary information, is expected to become smarter in updating the iOS 11 system.

To date, Siri has been able to perform fairly simple operations and depend on a limited command pool, which means that voice commands could not be executed if Siri had not been programmed to identify them in advance, but that is likely to change. According to information received directly from the development teams based in Israel and the US, Siri will be upgraded at the level of its artificial intelligence According to the information, Siri will continue to fulfill the voice commands known today, but like Bixby recently introduced by Samsung , You will be able to learn the user’s usage habits and offer different action options depending on the context of the content.

Not just iOS

Apple is not going to stop just on iOS and it is expected to embed Siri deeper into the TV platform and the smart watch – tvOS and watchOS. In the field of television, the Coppertino company is expected to provide it with a wider range of voice commands that will enable new actions related to the user itself and not just to the functionality of the television. In addition, the next update to the company’s smart watches (Apple Watch 4.0 / 3.5) will bring new possibilities, “deep”, and advanced to Siri also in the smart clock.

Siri is also on iMessage

Beyond Siri’s familiar options, in the company’s iOS 11 update, the virtual assistant will become an integral part of the iMessage application . With patent registrations from Apple, Siri, like Google’s virtual assistant, will be integrated into the conversations and offer useful information and actions to users during the call. For example, if you set up a restaurant with a friend and talked about sushi, It will be able to give suggestions to relevant restaurants within the conversation , check when everyone is available, offer navigation to the destination and even book and drive via Uber or taxi in another service directly from the messages screen intuitively .

Siri in the cloud

Siri’s upgrade may join the revolution in virtual assistants. Like Samsung , it will be integrated into the company’s iCloud cloud service, which will enable it to identify the connections between the various devices associated with that Apple ID account and continue to offer relevant actions and steps from all devices.

Artificial intelligence update to Siri is 100% correct and is expected to be part of the iOS 11 update that the company will announce soon, but there is also the possibility that Apple will decide to postpone this feature to future versions. The update is expected to be included on other platforms such as TVOS and the following macOS and watchOS versions.

All the information will be officially disclosed at the company’s WWDC 2017 Developer Event this June.

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