Apple launched today its “no service” issue repair program, with some iPhone models affected with this issue. This issue allows iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to display “no service” in areas where service is available, while this issue affected only small proportion of iPhones 7 and 7 Plus, Apple is offering Free of Charge repairing services even for out of warranty devices starting today.

The affected models were manufactured between Sep 2016 and Feb 2018, they were sold in Hong Kong, China, Macao, Japan and the United States of America. Affected models that are impacted by the hardware issue hold model numbers: A1660, A1780and A779. Model numbers can be either checked by looking at the back of the device.

Only affected devices are included in this program, your device will go through a checkup phase prior to determining whether you are eligible for this program or not, once you are deemed eligible for this program, your phone will be fixed.

The new repair programs covers the devices for two years from the date of purchase.