Apple’s free app of the week “Musemage – Professional Video Camera and Editor”
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Apple’s free app of the week “Musemage – Professional Video Camera and Editor”

Apple introduces a free app on a weekly basis, Apple has just announced its free app of the week “Musemage – Professional Video Camera and Editor” by Paraken Technology Co., Ltd.

The free for this week is among the top 10 Photo and Video category in the app store in Germany, Italy, Netherland, Russia and Spain.



Musemage – Professional Video Camera and Editor Description:

7 Professional Shooting Modes

  • Video Mode: Experience multiple shooting features opening simultaneously.
  • Time-lapse: Different time-lapse speed and various real-time filters and effects as you want.
  • Photo Mode: Various camera lens and filters all in real-time to help you get a good shot.
  • Magic Color: Feel free to change the color of any object, useful in any situation.
  • Blue Screen: Replace any background into funny picture, or video of your choice.
  • Manual Mode: Manually adjust focus, white balance, shutter, ISO function.
  • Stop-Motion: Shoot frame-by-frame, and control the frame rate, easily shoot wonderful videos.

Superior User Experience in Video Editing

Clip: Cut out any wanted moments with your videos.
Joint: Multiple video clips can be merge into one.
Post-processed Beautify: Smoothen your skin and make it glow.
Music: Add background music from your iTunes Store or included music.
Filters: Apply camera lens filter or color filter in your video
Label: Add your personal label and watermark to shine the video.

Abundant Real-time Functions in shooting
Exclusive image stabilization
Five-axis image stabilization, digital video image stabilization technology brought to the mobile phone. Hand-held shooting on bumpy conditions are guaranteed rock solid frame.

Real-Time Beauty

Full HD video real-beautifying, repair wrinkles and blemishes, hair, eyes and other details. Instantly have a smooth face.

Noise at night
Easily shoot at night with Musemage’s HDR function at night and reduce noise effect.

Real-time HDR

Automatically control the brightness of the picture detail, restore normal exposure, shadows and highlight detail 3 EV or more. Changing the exposure and tone mapping, rendering more realistic and brighter scenes.


You can go to App store to download and enjoy the free app for this week, or you could just follow this link.