Apple’s tvOS update new features ahead of WWDC17

Apple’s tvOS update new features ahead of WWDC17

Apple is currently working on closing the roadmap and adding the latest features to the operating systems, which will be updated to the new versions and will be fully disclosed as part of Apple’s annual developer competition.

According to a reliable source, whose identity we obviously can not disclose due to the sensitivity to the Apple development process, the operating system for Apple’s smartphones and tvOS, is expected to receive a number of significant updates at the upcoming developer conference.


In the upcoming TVOS update, Apple is expected to incorporate the multi-user feature on Apple TV (4th generation or higher). The multi-user option allows each user to connect his or her Apple ID account to the TV using his or her iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and create a unique profile for it. Once the account is synchronized, each user can listen to his music from Apple Music, view iCloud-backed photos and videos, watch downloaded content on iTunes account, and of course use his own apps that support the TVs. The initial connection process will be one-time and switching between the accounts is expected to be as simple as replacing a TV channel.

The source said that the work on integrating this possibility into Apple TV devices is in advanced stages. But there is no certainty that it will come in the first update of the upcoming operating system.


Picture in Picture

The next feature is not new to the company’s cameras, but it will certainly be a major innovation in the operating system for its television sets.

Like the one presented on the latest iPad and MacOS, Apple is expected to integrate the picture-in-picture option into its TV sets. When watching a favorite program or a short video, you can actually minimize the window to one of the screen corners and run another app at the same time, but playing other video or audio content will replace that.

This option also implies a change in the graphical interface of the system that may be slightly refreshed.

These two key features are in addition to Apple’s plans to incorporate a live programming guide and it is going to operate independent television broadcasts through agreements with popular content providers for a monthly subscription.

It appears that Apple’s WWDC17 event is going to be full of new features and innovations when Siri is expected to receive a significant update in the iOS11 update, along with FaceTime Group Calls and other innovations.

We will keep you updated with all the news and leaks of Apple’s WWDC17, so keep checking our website.

Source: The verifier

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