Is Augmented Reality coming to iPhone 8
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Is Augmented Reality coming to iPhone 8

In recent weeks, Apple has been placing a great emphasis on the virtual reality, in order to compete with companies such as Samsung, Google and many others. Many rumors even claim that Apple has “canceled” its smart vehicle project in favor of the virtual reality project. New information that came to the system confirms us a number of rumors that have flooded the network in recent weeks, and even a number of references related to the iPhone 7 at the beginning.


Let’s get back to the leaks of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Those who knew at the time that prior to its announcement images of two models of the device claiming to be iPhone 7 were leaked . One of them looks like the one we know today as a device announced and two added three points at the bottom of the back of the device. While there were those who did not think. So, many thought it was a new smart connection that enabled the transfer of energy and data, which threatened to point to the replacement of the company’s familiar Lightning connection. This finally evaporated in the air when the iPhone 7 was officially introduced.


It turns out that the same iPhone model that has not yet seen the light of day was one of three models they worked on in Apple in the final stages of design. At the time the company decided that the VR era was not ripe enough and that the company wanted a little more time to give users a different experience to differentiate it from other companies.


Today we can share with you that the next iPhone (iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro or 7S) will include the same “3 points” of the same iPhone. The smart connection at the bottom will enable wireless charging without the need for a dedicated cover. In addition, the same connection will be used by the new iPhone users in the VR / AR experience. Which Apple has been working on lately. It is not yet known what will be the way to transfer that experience (VR glasses? Augmented Reality glasses like Google Glass?) But Apple is looking for creative ways to differentiate itself from competitors.


In addition, it is possible to confirm that Apple is working on a new model for the Apple TV Streamer that is expected to support Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality. So that the information can be viewed from the simulated / stacked reality monitors directly on the TV via AirPlay.


In May 2015, Apple acquired Metaio, which developed a platform for rugged reality. Since then Apple has not talked much about ways to integrate technology into its products, but now there are signs of integration into the company’s devices, just before WWDC17, Apple’s annual developer event.


This information joins a series of other information we have published, including Siri integrated into the iMessages application.¬†Along with additional changes and the provision of artificial intelligence capabilities to the virtual assistant and multi-point conversations at Facetime. It seems that iOS11 is going to be a significant update for the company’s devices.


Do you think Apple is going to launch this year a product that will change things in the realm of imaginary / laminated reality? Share comments with us