Samsung Galaxy S8: Users are plagued by random reboots

The latest Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 can only be officially acquired in the market for a few days. Already, some users have reported some serious problems such as the red tint and random reboots problems with their device, which can not close a perfect smartphone.   Random Reboots As some buyers of the device withContinue Reading “Samsung Galaxy S8: Users are plagued by random reboots”


HTC U ‘Ocean’: First image to the new smartphone

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has launched with the two models U Ultra as well as U Play a new series, which is to replace the old one series. But the devices could not convince the majority of the reviews. The Android smartphones can performance and optically only conditionally with the models of the competition.Continue Reading “HTC U ‘Ocean’: First image to the new smartphone”


Samsung: Galaxy S8 & S8+ Preorders exceeded all expectations

After the debate around Galaxy Note 7, it was clear that Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S8 must be a success.And at the very least, if you believe the company’s statements, the company is on the right track.The pre-buyer figures are supposed to be brilliant. According to Samsung, the number of orders on the preorder channels exceedsContinue Reading “Samsung: Galaxy S8 & S8+ Preorders exceeded all expectations”

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Apple’s iPhone 7 {Speed Comparison}

With all the fuzz rotating the mobiles world with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus with the new OLED screen and the new Qualcomm processor which we thought would make apple fall to its knees, but as it seems that’s far away from happening.   As the video show the iPhoneContinue Reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Apple’s iPhone 7 {Speed Comparison}”

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Samsung used stolen Windows 10 screenshot to advertise DeX

Along with the new introduction of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus, Samsung also introduced yet another innovation called DeX station.   DeX station is a dock that would turn your new purchased Galaxy mobile phone to a full working computer that you can connect to your every day TV screen.   By introducing DeX,Continue Reading “Samsung used stolen Windows 10 screenshot to advertise DeX”

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Twitter update: Reply with 140 characters

Twitter just released an updated to its social platform allowing people to reply to one another with full 140 characters capacity.   @techidiomas or whatever is your username will not be counted anymore when you reply on twitter allowing you more space to write.   This update according to twitter’s official statement came after payingContinue Reading “Twitter update: Reply with 140 characters”