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Twitter update: Reply with 140 characters

Twitter just released an updated to its social platform allowing people to reply to one another with full 140 characters capacity.   @techidiomas or whatever is your username will not be counted anymore when you reply on twitter allowing you more space to write.   This update according to twitter’s official statement came after payingContinue Reading “Twitter update: Reply with 140 characters”

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Most downloaded apps on the Play Store {Infograph}

The total downloads of android apps for the past month reached more than 300 million download, and Whatsapp was the most downloaded app of the month.   Whatsapp was downloaded more than 83 million times. In addition some other apps came at the top list next to Whatsapp including Messenger, Facebook and Instagram with aContinue Reading “Most downloaded apps on the Play Store {Infograph}”

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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus all the details {Leak}

Samsung wants to set new standards with its new high-end smartphones and make the disaster around the Galaxy Note7 finally forgotten. It is about combining all of Samsung into one package – and thus combining the “best features” of Galaxy products with a “breakthrough” design of the screen, according to the marketing talk of theContinue Reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus all the details {Leak}”

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Protect your anonymity while surfing online using TOR

Using Tor browser is essential these days since being anonymous on the internet is difficult today due to worldwide intelligence agencies following your every move looking for the terrorist inside you.   But what if I’m just a normal human being who just doesn’t like to be followed and snooped on every time I clickContinue Reading “Protect your anonymity while surfing online using TOR”

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Google releases “Free App of the Week” section to PlayStore

Google has just released its “Free App of the Week” section in Google Play Store, offering a new free app of the week as the name indicates.   Google has made this move recently knowing that they launched this section last year but backed down after a while. In addition, Apple had this section in itsContinue Reading “Google releases “Free App of the Week” section to PlayStore”