Windows phone operating system concept

It is true that Microsoft is abandoning its operating system to Windows Phone, and it is true that in most of its recent devices it is possible to see an increased presence of the Android operating system – the next concept is expected to cause the company’s fans to think about a second chance. Designer Casmir Valery released a series of images that do not shame a conceptual concept to a new Microsoft Surface Phone .

It was said in advance that since this is an industrial designer, who deals with product designs, many technical details will not be found here.

According to the concept, it looks like a large, almost borderless tablet, wrapped in a square frame that symbolizes the company’s last design line.

To the proposed smartphone, the designer added a smart and functional coverage, which on the one hand offers protection on the device and on the other hand provides additional battery volume along with two auxiliary USB C connections. The cover will connect to your device using a dedicated “plug-in” which really ruins the experience.


Valerie pointed out the new camera capabilities (no technical details) Fusion Camera combines a dual lens with a laser sensor capable of detecting objects in the room and create 3D models, combined with the experience of the reality of the company – Hololens.
The unique feature of creating 3D CAD models is aimed primarily at industrial designers (such as Valerie) who use these software regularly.

The designer also integrated the company’s Continuum capability, which enables the user to use the new smartphone as a smart mouse for fixed work stations, in addition to full synchronization of the files between the two devices.

We reiterate that unfortunately we are talking about a concept only and not a real device, although we would not object to seeing a new and advanced device coming from the direction of the technology giant from Redmond.

The company, which recently launched new computers for the Surface series such as Surface Studio , will apparently launch a laptop that will be added to the series next to the Kala operating system, has yet to announce the death of cellular phones from its home. A good competition for existing manufacturers in the market.

What do you think about the concept? If Microsoft launches a similar device, is it something you’d like to see on your device? Share comments with us.