Most downloaded apps on the Play Store {Infograph}
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Most downloaded apps on the Play Store {Infograph}

The total downloads of android apps for the past month reached more than 300 million download, and Whatsapp was the most downloaded app of the month.


Whatsapp was downloaded more than 83 million times. In addition some other apps came at the top list next to Whatsapp including Messenger, Facebook and Instagram with a total of more than 193 Million downloads for the 3 combined applications.


After that, Snapchat comes at the fifth place with more than 18 Million downloads and some other followed such as:

  • Facebook Light: 15.22 Million downloads.
  • Subway Surfer: 13.85 Million downloads.
  • 8 Ball Pool: 11 Million downloads.
  • IMO: 10.22 Million downloads.
  • Spotify: 9.72 Million downloads.