How to enroll your idevice into apple beta program
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How to enroll your idevice into apple beta program

It has been a while now since apple launched its public beta program, which mainly allows normal apple products owners to test newly pre-released ios and macos software.

Apple is now on ios 10.3 beta 7  and it’s close to releasing the public version of the ios 10.3 but no worries a lot of fun is waiting ahead of you with the beta program, especially being able to brag about owning the state of the art software, but there is a catch, the beta programs offer an underdevelopment system which means that its expected to have lots of bugs and causes lots of crashes but hey ‘No pain to gain’.

In this article we are going to show you the method of enrolling your Iphone or Mac to apple’s beta program:

  1. If you had enrolled in ios 9 beta program head to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and delete ios 9 profile, if not head  to point number 2.
  2. Visit Apple Beta Software “” website and sign up.
  3. After signing up with apple beta software, you’ll be redirected to this web page.Apple Beta Software Program
  4. Then just hit Get Started, and a page will appear to ask you to choose whether you want to enroll in macos beta program or ios beta program.
  5. Before going any further make sure that you have a recent back up for your iphone using itunes or your mac using itunes Time Machine or any other back up software.
  6. after choosing ios (for the purposes of this article) to be enrolled in, go ahead and open this link “” from your iphone and click on Download profile.
  7. After downloading the ios 10 profile tap on install from the upper right corner and enter your passcode.
  8. Then reboot your Iphone.
  9. Finally go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and check for updates you should be presented with the latest release of ios beta, download and install and have fun.