Google Maps new feature “Share Location”
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Google Maps new feature “Share Location”

Google is introducing a new feature to its Google Maps application on ios and android, the new feature will simply allow you to share your location with any of your friends through the Google Maps app.

The new feature raises high concerns for privacy, yet it can be used for good things such as parents keeping track of their children and friends knowing each other’s locations to meet.

The new “Share Location” feature is expected to work across platforms and not only meant¬†for ios alone.

You can share your location with anyone in your Google Contacts list, you could also share your location without referring to your contacts list by simply copying the link generated by Google Maps and send it to whoever you want to share location with.

You could also share the rout you are taking to reach to your destination with your friends and contact list on Google Maps.

Google made this feature available with a time limit so you could allow some one to know your location for a previously set time.