How to Create Free Apple ID for iPhone and iPad {Guide}
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How to Create Free Apple ID for iPhone and iPad {Guide}

itunes and icloud accounts are neccessary for your iPhone to survive and are fundemental for your iPhone evolvement from a normal handnset

Just like any device Apple’s iPhone contains an iTunes store which allows you to download as many applications as you wish as long as you are in the right store in the right country with the right credit card or bank account.

I remember my first iPhone , it was an iPhone 3gs 8GB and the year was 2008 just a year before the financial crises that hit the world, after unpacking this newly weird device “going from nokia N73 to the new state of the art iphone 3gs with all the new functionalities such as touchscreen, wifi and many other new presented technologies and it was difficult for me to create an Apple ID.

In this post we are going to offer 2 methods for creating a free Apple ID without using credit cards.


Their are two ways to creating a new Apple ID account:

  • The first one is done through your computer’s iTunes.
  • The second is through your app store on your iPhone/ipad

Follow this step by step guide to create a new Apple ID to be used in iTunes, app stores and Icloud:

Method 1: Create your Apple ID using iTunes on Windows and Mac

1. Open iTunes on windows/mac.

2. Head to store then choose the App Store.


3. Choose any free app or game and click on it.

4. Click on Get.

iTunes game


5. After that a windows will show up prompting you to enter your Apple ID and Password.

Apple id and password


6. Click on continue.

welcome to itunes store


7. Agree to the terms and conditions.

8. Then enter the email that you want to use for your Apple ID and fill the Apple ID details page and hit continue.

9. on the “Payment Method” Page, you’ll notice that the “Non” has appeared as a “Payment Type”, now all you got to do is fill in the “Billing Address” and here where things get tricky.

  • Choose your title, enter your first name and last name.
  • Enter your street address and building.
  • Choose the city where you live, state and Zip code (If you live outside the United States and want the U.S. app store you also need to provide an address in the U.S., here is a list of all the cities and their Zip codes to choose from).
  • Enter any area ode and phone number.

Billing address


10. Then Click on “Create Apple ID”, and an E-Mail will be sent to you to confirm your apple ID and you can go ahead and use it on your iPhone or iPad.


Method 2: Create your Apple ID using your iPhone/iPad

1. From your iPhone/iPad, go to App Store.

2. Then find a free game or app and click on Get.

3. Click on “Create New Apple ID”.

4. Chose your country as the United States and hit next.

5. Then agree to the terms and conditions.

6. Write your E-Mail and Password and fill all the info on this page, then click next.

7. After choose “Non” as your “Payment Type” and enter the rest of the billing information as explained above in the iTunes method.

8. Click next and verify your account, and their you have it just go ahead and start downloading whatever you want and have fun with your iPhone/iPad.