iPhone 8 leaked schematic is Fake

iPhone 8 leaked schematic is Fake

Pictures that were “leaked” to the network during the weekend caused quite a few user responses.¬†Which in delicate words were saddened by the fact that Apple intends to transfer the Touch ID fingerprint to the back of the device and actually give the user a full screen at the front of the screen. As such, Apple is working on a new design that will include an AR / VR connection alongside a borderless screen to align with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the LG G6, not just the fingerprint switch to the back of the device, the leak Shows the new design of the pair of cameras on the back of the device which have also undergone a change in length, which does not confirm any leakage or rumor so far.


A moment before you run to read fake news (Fake News) on the Internet, or a friend tagged you in a Facebook post, breathe – no, it’s not the design of the next iPhone (or the iPhone 8 if you will). This is a 3D created by a number of people to present some of the rumors and whether this will show the next iPhone, or just to draw attention. The users said in a post on the Instagram page that the company tried to create a 3D render that they designed to test the hype for the next iPhone.


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Apple has not yet decided how the final design will look and it will be closed by next July, so surely we will begin to receive more precise leaks, such as the body of the device, the cameras, and even internal parts of the device.

The iPhone 8 is expected to come with a 5.8 “screen for the first time in OLED technology and without a border The main camera will support a rugged reality The AR / VR is equipped with wireless charging and fresh design The front camera is also expected to receive a significant update, With 4GB working memory and the A11 processor manufactured by TSMC.