iPhone 8 leak suggesting biometric scanner

iPhone 8 leak suggesting biometric scanner

Following an iPhone 8 leak a new schematic has come to the surface by slashleaks. We have analyzed the new leaked blueprints and will list our findings in this article.

We still don’t know whether the iPhone 8 leak is legit or fake but slashleaks has some good reputation in previous legitimate leaks.


The new leak suggests that the new iPhone 8 will support 3D video shooting through its dual cameras set adjacently in vertical line.

It also suggests that the new model will have wireless charging feature which is a long waited feature for the iPhone and has been in the market for along time in other brands.
Furthermore it will have A11 chip with 64-bit support, 3D touch and two graphic processing chip.

It will also include a 3D biometric scanner probably for facial and eye scanning and recognition.

The odd thing about this leak is that it doesn’t include the fingerprint sensor in iPhone 8. So did Apple abandon it or are we going to see it in upcoming leaks.
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