Kodi Media Center TV Boxes are illegal in europe

Kodi Media Center TV Boxes are illegal in europe

TV boxes based on the open-source Kodi software are becoming more and more popular. There are also numerous versions to buy, on which plugins to providers of illegal contents are already preinstalled. The software, formerly known as Xbox Media Center (XMBC), is not responsible for this, but you are increasingly becoming a victim of an anti-piracy (panic) .
Kodi is extremely popular and an open source solution. This is a combination that has increasingly led to the fact that the makers of the software are being made responsible for, or even responsible for, piracy in recent weeks and months. Because by the fact that the code is open, third-party suppliers can compile relatively simple extensions for this and thus also sell “fully” equipped hardware.

The problem is that many media do not (want to) differentiate between Kodi on itself and thus equipped or pre-configured boxes. According to a report by TorrentFreak (TF), this has recently led to British tabloids having led a regular campaign against the corresponding media player Kodi.

Ten years imprisonment?

British newspapers such as The Mirror, Daily Mail, The Sun and The Express have reported over the past few days that Kodi users were threatened with up to ten years’ imprisonment. TF took this as an occasion to ask the media, but answers were rarely received.

Background is a recent British law named Digital Economy Bill. This actually raises the highest possible penalty for copyright violations from two to ten years, but only under very specific circumstances. And these circumstances are “certainly not users who stream content via Kodi home,” as TF writes.

Because British law exacerbates the penalties for commercial copyright infringements and ultimately the upload of content and not the streaming, as is the case with Kodi boxes. TF suspects in the reports Clickbait, but some could also suspect a campaign of the content industry, in order to deter Filesharer.

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