How to make a bootable USB
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How to make a bootable USB

Whenever I wanted to install a new OS to my laptop I face the problem of not having any more CDs. So if you want to install your Windows using another method, we got your back. By making your USB bootable using Rufus app.


CDs are something of the past these days. Which is why  we are writing this post to provide you with a method to make your USB bootable and install windows directly from it.


First of all, you need for this method an ISO of the OS that you are installing whether its Windows or any version of Linux, and ofcourse a 4 GB flash USB.


Rufus can be run without installation after the download. With version 1.3.2, Rufus developers have also integrated support for UEFI into installation software in addition to GPT. This allows both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Linux to be installed in UEFI mode.


Follow this step by step guide to make your USB Bootable:

1. Download Rufus from the official website.

2. Open Rufus and insert your USB flash.

3. Choose your iso file and click start.



4. After your finish, reboot your PC and boot from your USB flash.