Microsoft Authonticator: Passwords are History

Microsoft Authonticator: Passwords are History


The Microsoft Authonticator has already been available for a while, the functionality as a password replacement has already been announced a long time ago, or is available in a beta version. Now, Microsoft has released the feature for everyone, so that one wants to put an end to the classic and often unsafe password.

Users of Microsoft accounts and the Microsoft Authenticator app have recently been able to use this combination to log on to websites and services more securely. In a blog post , the Redmond company explains that Microsoft passwords are just as bad as the users. Therefore, a “modern way” was created, which does not need special characters, capital letters and digits.

After a recent “soft launch” the feature is now generally available, the corresponding update is currently distributed, the corresponding apps can also be found in the stores of Android and iOS.


Microsoft authonticator


Microsoft Authonticator For secure smartphones

With the new sign-in functionality you get a request for confirmation when you log in via a Microsoft account on a secure smartphone, which then activates the login on a second device. By “secure smartphone” is meant that the feature works only if the device is locked by PIN or fingerprint. This is, of course, to prevent this security feature from being bypassed because a smartphone lock is missing.

So far, the Microsoft Authenticator has only worked for the traditional 2-factor authentication, with the latest update now the so-called “Phone Sign-in” is submitted. If you have previously used the Authenticator, you must activate the new method via the account settings. If you install the app only now, it will be activated during commissioning.