Microsoft promises to release 2 updates per year

Microsoft promises to release 2 updates per year

For years, Microsoft has been trying to catch up and release more than one update per year. But the last few years have been busy developing Windows 10, which only recently received the update creator Creator Update, which brings some changes for the operating system. In the Creator’s Update you can find the new version for the 3D painting program, changes in the system design and the addition of new features.



So what next? In a statement issued by Redmond a few days ago, the company said it would release more than one annual update. The company will release 2 significant updates for Windows 10 and the Office suite, and of course for the Xbox game console. To be precise, Microsoft announced that the forecast is March and September.

Microsoft will end support for the first version of Windows 10 in the next few days and now support the creators update. Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue support for older versions of Windows in a period of time up to 3 years, and instead of the company will support each update for only 18 months, for those who have been struggling for a year and a half


Updated Red Stone 3 September 2017

Microsoft is currently working on the next version for Windows 10 operating system. The next update code name is called Redstone 3, which will include a nearly complete design change to the operating system. The new design is called Project Neon and includes mainly adding transparency to the windows, starting menu and completely changing the design of the applications built with a new design language. A few weeks ago, several screenshots are being leaked out of the change expected to come to the next update whose name is not yet known.


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