Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 3 for Windows Insider Participants
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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 3 for Windows Insider Participants

Next Tuesday, the Creators Update will officially appear, but as of today you will be able to download it manually using a tool. So the work on the update, known as Redstone 2, has been finalized with the exception of minor updates and Microsoft has now given the startup for Redstone 3.


The creators update will be released today and the Windows developers will surely celebrate a bit. For too long, however, they will not be able to rest, because in Redmond the work on the next update will start soon. Of course, Redstone 3 does not have a name yet, but the update is planned for the autumn of this year.


Windows Insider boss Dona Sarkar has already tuned the pre-testers of Windows 10 to new builds, in a blog contribution she writes that they should check their settings.


Because the so-called development branch will soon begin to distribute new builds. Insiders should therefore consider whether they have these preview versions and which ring they want to refer to them. If you want to stay on the Creators Update for the time, you should stop building new builds.


Work on OneCore

The procedure will be very similar to previous updates, which is why the builds of the coming weeks will hardly offer any innovations. Because for the time being Microsoft is working on the “substructure” of the operating system on the program again. This means that the OneCore code will be optimized. only after the refinement of the basic OS structure will new functions and optical improvements be tackled.

Sarkar’s reminder or invitation is, of course, also related to the fact that such work on the OneCore can lead to various instabilities, and whoever wants to avoid them should (for the time being) unsubscribe.