Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse Released

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse Released

Microsoft today presented not only its first real laptop, but also presented a new peripheral device with the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse. The mouse, as its name implies, is connected to the design of the first Arc Mouse and therefore also has a flexible “tail”. The special feature, however, is how the device can be scrolled.

The Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse is adapted to the design of the new surface laptops and therefore also comes in the right colors – Burgundy red, light gray and cobalt blue are provided. It is a mouse especially designed for mobile use, which can be easily “flattened” if necessary, in order to be transported more easily. If the mouse is to be put into operation, simply fold the back part into the known arc shape.


Features and Specifications

The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module is activated and the device connects to the PC. The mouse has two buttons for left and right clicks, which are placed underneath a fully plastic part for touch input in the front area. The touch panel covers the entire surface of this area and can be used for vertical as well as horizontal scrolling.

The Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse comes with two AAA batteries, which are designed to provide a runtime of up to nine months. It is compatible with Windows 8 , 8.1, and 10, but can also be used with Windows 7 based devices that have support for Bluetooth 4.0. The weight gives Microsoft with just under 82.5 grams including the batteries.

In a flat state, the new Microsoft mouse is only 14 millimeters thick and can be stowed away in most cases for transport. In the US, the mouse will soon be available for $ 79.99. There are currently no prices available for the German market.