How to transfer files from your PC/Mac to your iPhone using {Guide}
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How to transfer files from your PC/Mac to your iPhone using {Guide}

Ever wondered how to move files from your PC/Mac to your iPhone without having to go with the complexity of Apple’s iTunes or using iCloud.


Well, we have the solution using an app called Air Transfer by Darinsoft, it works by connecting your iPhone and PC through your internal WiFi network and using it to transfer your files.


You can download and install Air Transfer – Easy file and document sharing between PC and iPhone/iPad from the app store by following this link.

Here is the method of transferring your files using the app:

1. Make sure that your iPhone and PC/Mac are connected on the same WiFi network.


2. Open the application from your iPhone’s home screen.


3. Click on WiFi on the left down side of the app screen.

Air Transfer categories menu


4. Open your browser and enter the URl that is given on the screen, mine for example was Http://

Air Transfer WiFi


5. Drag and Drop the file that you want to transfer to your iPhone into the browser.

Air Transfer web


6. Go back to the categories menu and locate the file that you just transferred from your PC/Mac

Air Transfer Category



Air Transfer All

Air Transfer supports most famous browsers such as Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (with a limited file upload) and we just tested it on Microsoft Edge and works like a charm.