Nokia 3310 shipping next week with 3G version

Nokia 3310 shipping next week with 3G version

Nokia 3310, Nokia’s pride among mobile phones. Known to the 90’s generation as the father of all phones.

I remember when I got my version of Nokia 3310. I was so thrilled of the new innovation at that time with its brand new ringtones maker.
Well, the phone is back with lots of colors to choose from and Nokia is said to ship at by the beginning of next week for €59.

Officially, HMD Global, the Finnish company that has licensed the name “Nokia” for mobile communications products, announced the Nokia 3310 on the MWC 2017 with an estimated retail price of 49 euros. With dealers in Austria , Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.
The fact that 3310 is more expensive than earlier expectations is due to higher tax rates in Europe.

The Nokia 3310 in the 2017 edition has a resolution of 320×240 pixels and, according to current knowledge, only supports 2G networks. With Swedish dealers , however, is also a more expensive 3G-enabled version listed, which is not yet officially confirmed. There is a “updated” look including D-pad and numerical keypad as well as the Series30 + operating system.

Thanks to a 1200mAh battery, up to 25 days of standby and 22 hours of talk time should be available. The energy supply is relatively modern using MicroUSB. The internal memory is 16 megabytes in size, while a microSD card slot (which can be loaded with a memory card when taking photos) can provide up to 32 gigabytes more. Unlike many current smartphones, an FM radio receiver is also included.

Nokia 3310 launch date is April 28, 2017. So if you like long standby time with little amount of charging go ahead and grab your self a Nokia.