interfax news agency on ransomware

Russia said it had identified the dangerous virus (Ransomware) that targeted computers in dozens of countries and said work was under way to eliminate it, the Interfax news agency reported.

In a rare precedent, more than 74 countries in the world have been exposed to serious simultaneous cyber attacks that have disrupted most British hospitals and hit major nations such as China and Russia.

A spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry told Interfax news agency that about 1,000 computers in the ministry were affected by a massive electronic attack that hit other countries including Britain and Spain on Friday.

A source familiar with Interfax said the ministry had not lost any information during the attacks.

“A virus attack has been detected on the ministry’s personal computers running on Windows,” ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk said.

“The location of the virus (Ransomware) has been identified, the technical work is underway to eliminate it and to update the anti-virus tools,” she said.

About 1,000 computers, less than 1 percent of the ministry’s total, were affected by the attack, the Interfax news agency reported.

Interfax, quoting an unnamed source, said the attack did not leak any data.

In Russia, communications company Megavon ​​announced that it had been hit by an electronic attack that had hampered the work of its call centers.

“We have had to partially shut down entire internal networks so that the virus does not spread,” RIA Novosti quoted Bitur Lidov, director of public relations at Megafon, as saying.
Experts have pointed out that among the countries that have been exposed to the virus, “Wana Decorptor”, Spain, Russia, China, India and Akronia, according to Sky News.

Experts working on the site “secretelist” that the virus (Ransomware) hit about 45 thousand sites around the world, mostly in Russia, pointing out that the attack may have hit more countries.
Some experts described the attacks as “serious” and “terrifying” because they could disrupt life in many countries of the world.

The opinion of these experts in part agrees with the statement of British Prime Minister Teresa Mai, who said that the cyber attack targeting a number of countries and bodies.

“It was not targeted at the National Health Authority … It was an international attack and was influenced by a number of countries and bodies,” she said, but did not mention those countries or bodies according to “Reuters.”

Tech News correspondent Tom Cheshire published a map showing some of the areas hit by the technical attack. The attack took the five continents but was concentrated in Europe and Asia, especially in China, while Africa was the least affected region.

Electronic systems in Britain’s public health services have been hit by cyber attacks in the past, disrupting most hospitals.

British hospitals said they had to turn emergency situations after the cyber attack, and government officials said they were looking into the reasons for the crash.