Samsung Galaxy S8 new dock “DeX Station” {Leak}
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Samsung Galaxy S8 new dock “DeX Station” {Leak}

With a few hours left until the launching of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, a new leak comes to light claiming that the south Korean company is expected to launch a special dock that goes along with the new phone.


The dock is called “DeX Station” according to the leaked photos from WinFuture, it will allow the users to connect the new Galaxy S8 to high definition screens and change the mobile phone into a TV Box with to be used with your every day TV.


The new dock has one HDMI port and 2 USB ports, in addition to the power port.

DeX Station


And since the new dock uses the full potentials of the Galaxy S8 its expected to heat thus it has been designed with a small fan to cool the device if heated.


The new Dock won’t come cheap though, it is expected to be sold at the price of a little bit more than $160.