Samsung: Galaxy S8 & S8+ Preorders exceeded all expectations

Samsung: Galaxy S8 & S8+ Preorders exceeded all expectations

After the debate¬†around Galaxy Note 7, it was clear that Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S8 must be a success.And at the very least, if you believe the company’s statements, the company is on the right track.The pre-buyer figures are supposed to be brilliant.

According to Samsung, the number of orders on the preorder channels exceeds even those of the predecessor Galaxy S7. Even if the smartphone will only be delivered from 21 April in South Korea, the USA and Canada, orders can now already be placed. Concrete figures have not yet been published, but the talk is of a double-digit growth.

In South Korea, on the other hand, Although it still takes the smartphones to actually be. 728,000 users already secured a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 + by pre-order. During the last two days alone, around 50,000 new orders were added each day.



Many expensive devices go away

In addition, it was said that almost a quarter of the ordered devices are the so-called right-bottom model – the most expensive product, the Galaxy S8 + with 128 gigabytes of storage, for which over a thousand dollars have to be placed on the table. In the other markets, where the pre-orders are already possible, it should basically look similar.


Ultimately, however, this is only a sign of a future success, since the mass of the devices ultimately sold after the official start in connection with new mobile phone contracts. And the big question is how Samsung can hold its own in China. The largest smartphone market in the world is increasingly dominated by the local providers, who now also play their way around the world. Here Apple can score so far that the iPhone is also an alternative to the omnipresent Android – a possibility that Samsung is not given.