Samsung Galaxy S8 random reboots

The latest Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 can only be officially acquired in the market for a few days. Already, some users have reported some serious problems such as the red tint and random reboots problems with their device, which can not close a perfect smartphone.


Random Reboots

As some buyers of the device with XDA-Developers and a own forum from Samsung report, the Galaxy S8 in some cases at random reboots where the phone switches off and then again go up. According to TechRepublic , these reboots are to be done easily and appear on both models of the smartphone and different providers. There are already some suggestions on how to fix the problem, but none of the above approaches seem to work.

Other problems concern users

But the random reboots are not the only problem with which the users are struggling: Beside difficulties to get the new language assistant Bixby running, many customers have complained about the redness of the display. Samsung itself emphasized, however, that this would not be a hardware error. The South Korean company is becoming increasingly vulnerable as users’ expectations are high.

Against the red-colored display, however, can already be downloaded a patch, which was provided as a firmware update. After the download, the user can set the color temperature of the device itself to correct the problem. The update has been available since yesterday in Europe, but in Germany is initially only for the Galaxy S8 + delivered. The download size of the update is 426 MB.