Samsung used stolen Windows 10 screenshot to advertise DeX
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Samsung used stolen Windows 10 screenshot to advertise DeX

Along with the new introduction of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus, Samsung also introduced yet another innovation called DeX station.


DeX station is a dock that would turn your new purchased Galaxy mobile phone to a full working computer that you can connect to your every day TV screen.


By introducing DeX, Samsung used a screen shot of windows 10 that a blog advertised back in 2015 named MSPowerUser. Ultimately, it was not long before Mehedi Hassan, one of the blogs’ operators, became aware of the stolen screenshot, after all, he himself had created the screenshot.


Mehedi Hassan tweeted about the incident on his Twitter account.



According to his data, the recording was already in the year 2015, Samsung wanted to show with the stolen image above all the possibility for access to hosted Windows installations by virtualization, which is among the quite attractive application possibilities for the Galaxy S8 in connection with the new desktop dock “DeX”.


On its official website for the accessories around the new S8 models , the screenshot was used as part of a photo montage on which the DeX station and the Android interface of the Galaxy S8, which can be seen in combination with a Windows desktop in a window under Android is open. Of course, the focus is on remote access to Windows VMs and other applications such as Citrix, VMware, or Amazon WorkSpaces.


Source: Winfuture