Scribbles: CIA hacking word documents

Scribbles: CIA hacking word documents

In a recent leak by the famous leaks website Wikileaks, the new leak named scribbles which states that the CIA has been spying on us by hacking the word documents in Windows running machines.


The new leak consists of 4 different applications dating back to January 1st, 2016 and titled “Classified”. The leaked apps according to the leak are tested on windows 8.1 64-bit with Microsoft Office 2013 and it doesn’t work on older formats of word documents like office 97-2003 format.


This leak comes from a series of leaks called Vault 7, in which Wikileaks is uncovering more and more leaks from the CIA vaults, scribbles is one of many previous leaks uncovered from the classified documents of the CIA. and more leaks were made public recently such as Weeping Angel, Hive, Grasshopper, Marble Framework and Dark Matter.


More details are still being looked into by specialists in the security tech world, more leaks will be unveiled in the upcoming period.


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