The biggest electronic blow to Windows has been in the past few years, and more than 75,000 confirmed cyber attacks have been detected in the first few hours by WannaCry malware, the hospital systems in Britain have stopped, the ambulance system has been out of business, The Russian Ministry of the Interior and several institutions and individuals as well, and it turned out that the actual purpose of this attack is the request for ransom.
Ransomware map

But what is a ransom software?

Is a malicious software developed by hackers, whether bodies or individuals, and infect the computer and steal or encrypt data, and can stop the entire system, and can not recover data or solve the problem only if the terms of the hacker, and usually the amounts of cash or electronic currencies ” “He said.


The current attack has caused malicious software called WannaCry Ransomware, where a $ 300 ransom is requested for not using or decrypting the data. If the payment is denied, the value will be doubled, the data may be returned to you after payment or not – you are forced to work on its terms – In a number of languages, asking him to transfer the amount of 300 dollars for a specific account and electronic currency “configuration” and the message is a temporary countdown determines the time period multiplied by the amount and another period after which the loss of files and data permanently.


Wanna Cry Ransomware


Wanna Cry Ransomware software that appears to a computer user
After several more hours, the total number of attacks rose to more than 122 thousand infected computers; after the expansion of the attack to Britain, Russia, America, Germany, China, Turkey and some Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the attack spread to more than 99 countries, The attacks also affected government and private strategic institutions, such as the attack on the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, the natural gas company and several Chinese universities, and Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Train Station in Germany.


Wanna Cry Ransomware message


How to protect your computer from attack?

– Update your antivirus applications to the latest version if you have one, or download a trusted application and a powerful FireWall firewall as well.
– Back up your important files to any external storage device or storage location.
– Be wary of opening unsolicited and suspicious e-mail messages, and make sure the address of the messages received is good.
– Avoid downloading any files from unauthorized sources, especially Micosoft Office files.
– If the situation is critical, and your data is very important, stop the public Internet connection immediately.
– Be sure to update your operating system to the latest version to take advantage of updates and periodic patches issued by Microsoft constantly, where a security update was sent in March to close the vulnerability that caused the attack, knowing that Microsoft has prepared a security update for Windows XP, Almost three years and also sent an update for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003, and you can download the update individually for any system through this link.

If you think that updating the system will take a long time, you can download this simple tool from the Symantec protection company that disable the vulnerability exploited by malicious software and install the tool and then restart the computer.

If you have an Anti-Virus it could identify the tool as a virus but don’t worry about it

Or this tool from Bitdefender.
Or the KasperskyLab Anti-Ransomware tool from this link.

Or, you can disable the vulnerability manually by following a few simple steps:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Select Programs and Features.
  • Then select Turn Windows features on or.

Protect your self from Wanna Cry Ransomware

We will then look for the SMB 1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support option and remove the tag next to it.


Protect your self from Wanna Cry Ransomware on Windows


You need to restart the computer after this step.

I have already asked myself who is responsible for these attacks? The truth is that no individual or international actor is aware of the actor, but Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency agent who leaked details of the US surveillance program scandal in 2013, accused the intelligence agency of not preventing the global attack, which began on Friday (May 12th).

The hackers believed to belong to the US National Security Agency, leaked over the Internet last month, appeared to be the root cause of the nationwide paralysis of national health services, which has spread throughout the world. Some security experts said the massive attack reflected a flawed approach by the United States to devote more electronic resources to crime rather than defense, a practice that made the Internet less secure.