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The best method to SSH your Iphone and install cydia after a Yalu102 jailbreak {Guide}


After jailbraiking my Iphone 6 ios 10.2 using Yalu102 beta 7, Cydia was no where to be found I started digging about this issue in many forums til I reached to the conclusion that this issue is repeating with some folks from the jailbreaking community.

The best solution for this problem is using IFILE but since you just jailbroke your iphone you can’t access IFILE, to solve this issue and to install cydia manually follow this guide:

  1. Download and install Ifunbox and Putty from the links.
  2. Open Ifunbox and head for quick toolbox.
  3. Click on USB Tunnel.
  4. Then Open putty.
  5. copy the IP: and place it at the Host in putty then use 22 as the port.
  6. Afterwise use the User “root” and Password “alpine” copy them exactly as they are.
  7. Then a terminal windows will open for you enter the following command: rm /.installed_yaluX
  8. After that just hit ENTER and disconnect your iphone.
  9. Restart your Iphone and after it boots go ahead to Yalu application and hit GO to go through the jailbreaking process again and there you go, you have cydia go ahead and update it and start the fun.


This article was made based on this YouTube video.