Top 5 countries with Zero Tax Policy
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Top 5 countries with Zero Tax Policy

Would you like to live and open your startup in a tax free country, if you are like most people and like to save money, then you have come to the right place.

Check out this list for the countries with Zero tax policy:

1. The Bahamas

Atlantis Aerial tax free

What’s better than having a backyard of more than 700 islands, all you have to do to live in this heavenly place is purchase a real state and prove your financial independence and you can live a free of taxes life.


2. The Cayman Islands


The British overseas territory in the Caribbean sea has a Zero tax policy for everything except for some goods which could go up to 25%.


3. Monaco


Monaco is famous for being the most densely populated nation, residents in Monaco enjoy a Zero tax policy on personal income which is why it’s the destiny of wealthy people.


4. Bermuda


We all know the famous stories of the Bermuda triangle, but still this island is considered a great place to live and retire due to no income tax policy but still you got to pay a maximum of 5.5% of your pay if you are employed in the island


5. Brunei


The small island surrounded by South China Sea and Malaysia is famous for Zero tax policy on individuals, no income tax nor value added tax (VAT).

However corporations pay 22% – 55% taxes.