How to track your iPhone using “Find my iPhone” feature
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How to track your iPhone using “Find my iPhone” feature

With each new ios version being introduced Apple introduces a set of features that would reach in some iPhone more than 200 new feature.


One of the feature that the late Steve Jobs announced in the keynote of 2010 was “Find my iPhone” which works in full synchronization with your iCloud account.


Find my iPhone is a feature that would allow you to track your iPhone if it goes missing using the iCloud and iPhone’s full potentials.


The service working procedure depends on the iPhone sending location coordinates to the iCloud account as long as there is an internet connection, these coordinates get saved to iCloud and shown through iCloud’s website on a map which helps you locate your iPhone whenever it is connected.


The service also provides other options than tracking such as:

Find iPhone options


1. Play Sound: for your iphone to start beaping with the highest sound level that the iPhone speakers could do, to find your iPhone if it was near or lost in your house.

2. Lost Mode: locks your device, displays a custom message and turns on tracking so you can see its location, even if location services was originally disabled.

3. Erase iPhone: It removes everything from your iPhone and puts it in Activation Lock mode, which means that your iPhone can only be opened using your iCloud account and password otherwise your iPhone is useless to anyone who has it.


Find my iPhone feature is normally activated but if for any reason it got deactivated along they way follow this step by step guide to activate it:

1. Head to Settings -> iCloud.

2. Tap on Find my iPhone.

3. If it is turned off just flip the swicth to become green.

And there you have it now your iPhone is now secured from theft.


To track your iPhone through “Find my iPhone” follow these steps:

1. Open and sign in using your Apple ID and Password.
2. Tap on Find iPhone.
Find iPhone on iCloud
3. There you have it, now you can see your iPhone’s location just click on it to get the options listed above and chose what you want to do with your iPhone whether to play a sound or put it in lost mode or even erasing it.