WikiLeaks reveals Vault 7 “Dark Mattter” regarding CIA and Apple
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WikiLeaks reveals Vault 7 “Dark Mattter” regarding CIA and Apple

WikiLeaks just revealed on their Website and Twitter accounts about the CIA infiltration into Apple’s production sequence for iPhone ios and Mac OS X.

The famous website just leaked a series of secret information from a set of document regarding the CIA’s activities in the field of hacking personal devices.

The new leak claims that the CIA developed a special program code name “NightSkies” and planted it into iPhone software since the year 2008.

This code allow the CIA to fully remote control and manage the targeted device which means that they could download files and data of that particular device and conduct any other command without the person holding the device having any clue.

The newly leaked document is dated back to 2008 and claims that “NightSkies” is installed manually on Apple products immediatly after finishing the production sequence noting that it only starts gathering information after the activation of the device.

and here is a list of tested and affected hardware at that time (2008) but we can’t know for sure how many devices are affected at the moment in (2017):

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • iPhone


The leak contains the following files:

  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • DerStarke V1.4
  • DerStarke V4.4 RC1 – IVVRR Checklist
  • Triton V1.3
  • DarkSeaSkies V1.0 – UDR
  • DarkSeaSkies V1.0 – Test Plan Procedures
  • NighSkies V1.2 – User Guide
  • DarkSeaSkies V1.0 – CONOP
  • DarkSeaSkies V1.0 – TD
  • SeaPea V2.0 – User Guide
  • DarkSeaSkies V1.0 – User Manual
  • FDOS V1.0 FINAL – B57udiag


Source: @WikiLeaks