Wikipedia blockage order by the Turkish government

Wikipedia blockage order by the Turkish government

According to media reports, Turkish providers have blocked access to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia since Saturday morning. The background to Wikipedia blockage in turkey is still unclear, there are no official statements. But according to recent reports the blockage on Wikipedia came after a dispute between the Turkish government and Wikipedia operators as the Turkish officials requested some contents to be taken down from the site and Wikipedia refused.

According to rumors, the access to the online Encyclopedia Wikipedia has been ordered on the basis of alleged political sympathy announcements and support after the failed coup attempt in Turkey. Until now, the ban is to be a measure after a provisional administrative decision by the Authority for Information and Communication Technology. This provisional order must be examined within the next few days by the Constitutional Court and assessed in terms of content.


Authority arrangement

As the German news magazine of the Spiegel wrote, the Turkish authority for information and communication technology issued the order of Wikipedia blockage¬†“according to technical analysis and legal consideration on the basis of law number 5651” to the Provider.

The providers are therefore forced to prevent access to Wikipedia in any language with immediate effect. The website Turkey Blocks had first reported on the blocking. The non-profit organization has been overseeing the government’s blockade against certain news and information pages, as well as social networks, for nearly two years. Recently, the authorities had also prevented the use of popular communications services such as WhatsApp. Currently, Turkey is about to block tens of thousands of Internet sites.

Wikipedia is one of the world’s most visited internet sites, currently ranked 5th after Google, YouTube, Facebook and Baidu.