Will Microsoft Stop the Development Cycle of Windows 10 Mobile?

Will Microsoft Stop the Development Cycle of Windows 10 Mobile?

Microsoft is currently working on the next development of the Windows 10 Mobile update code name: Redstone 3 . As part of the development process that has already begun, a first version has already been released to Windows Insiders on desktop and laptop computers, while a small number of smartphones support Windows 10.

This is not the first sign that Microsoft will probably cancel its development of the Lumia and other Windows 10 Mobile devices, which are few in the market today. It’s no secret that Microsoft is developing applications for the Android and iOS platforms, and has collaborated with several Android device manufacturers that integrate Microsoft applications in their home interfaces, such as cloud storage in OneDrive, the Office suite of applications, and more.

In recent years, Microsoft’s current chief executive, Satya Nadela, has been managing the company in the right direction with an increase in profits, moving the company forward with new services and proper organization, but of course not all the glitter is gold.

Microsoft has several major problems, one of which is Windows 10 in its mobile version. Microsoft has not been able to get up with the operating system for smartphones, and has not been releasing new devices for many months in addition to any other manufacturer does not adopt the operating system Windows 10. Sooner and later, Microsoft will have to give up the development process for mobile, forcing the company to concentrate on developing the system for computers, Tablets and Xbox only.

Microsoft is considering discontinuing the mobile development process in the next release version of Windows 10. Solid evidence of this is in the latest pre-release development version. which does not include support for Windows 10 for mobile devices. However, although the percentage of users in the mobile system is small but still exists and someone should continue to give them support for the system and further development. We understand that it is possible that Microsoft will release a new Android device flag within the Microsoft applications shell and the user will have a good reason to upgrade if he wishes to continue using the company’s services on another platform.