Windows 10 Creators Update Official Release Date
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Windows 10 Creators Update Official Release Date

Microsoft tweeted regarding the Windows 10 Creators Update official release date, saying on their twitter account that it will be launched on April 11, 2017.


The new update from Microsoft is carrying many new under the hood improvements. In addition to many newly introduced features.


Also, one of the most anticipated feature in the new update is the gaming mode which according to Microsoft, Windows will be able to redirect more resources to the game you are playing.


Finally is a list of all the new features of Windows Creators Update:

Game Streaming and Game Mode

The Creators Update brings a function integrated in the operating system, to be able to stream Beam Games. Special feature of Beam is the possibility for viewers to actively influence the happenings and to interact with the players in real time. The new game mode makes it possible to increase the performance of games by optimizing the allocation of resources.

More flexibility in the update process

Windows 10 users have more options with the Creators update when timing system updates. A new notification informs about the availability of updates and offers users different choices. In this way, the users can customize the timing in the window by entering a date and time that suits them. By “Snooze” one can move the installation without much effort by three days.

Optimized privacy settings

With the Creators Update, Microsoft also reacts to the criticism regarding the data protection settings, because with the Creators update the express settings are abolished. This means that users can not overlook the already existing privacy settings and can switch off potentially dangerous points for them.

Windows Defender Security Center

The new overview provides users with a centralized place to manage the integrated security features. They provide an overview of existing solutions and can check which protective functions are used. The new center has five main areas: antivirus protection, device performance, firewall and network protection, app and browser control, and security settings for families.

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft browser will be further improved and will provide more efficient tab management (eg through tab groups), as well as optimizing reading in the browser.

Smaller improvements

The Creators Update also offers numerous minor new enhancements, including the nightlight feature or the mini-view feature for a small window in the foreground. In the future, there will also be Remote Lock, which allows you to activate the Lock screen when you are using Windows Smart as a PC connected to the computer. In addition, you get a new Paint 3D app for the especially easy creation of 3D graphics as well as improvements in the use of Windows 10 in mixed reality.



Source: Microsoft {Twitter Account}